Insights into Actions

Kelvin Intelligent Control Software

What It Is

The AI software platform for building and managing control applications


We offer tools to create control applications from your existing workflows. Set your goals, describe the steps in your process and create the control application.

  • Software Development Kit and Application Framework for building control applications
  • Support for Python and C++
  • Utilize a stream of data, batch of data or both
  • Test and simulate the application before deployment
  • Easy deployment process to a Control Node
  • Native compatibility with most AI/ML Python libraries and frameworks
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous design patterns


Powerful Engine built to bring scalability to the application deployment automation process.

  • Seamless provision of compute systems into the platform
  • Self-sustained and self contained applications that can operate and recover from any outage
  • Easily update and deploy control applications to new versions
  • Visualize applications runtime status and logs
  • Private application registry to secure application IP


Representing and managing the entire system from one place, Kelvin allows describing the system details in the platform making it easier to get data insights and create applications.

  • Represent your assets and all the underlying components using a unified data model
  • Create Data Class to structure the data flowing in the system
  • Data refinement, enrichment and standardization


Kelvin provides a powerful integration layer to connect heterogeneous systems and enable them to exchange information with each other using industry standards and state of the art private network system without affecting your current infrastructure.

  • Industry standard connections to end devices and controllers
  • Private Application Network for all components
  • Integrate Identity Management System with roles and permissions

What We Do

From concept to
code in minutes

Kelvin Staff Working on Site

Data Insights

Software Development Kit to build control applications

Build & Test

Development and testing environment for assessing application performance

Deploy & Manage

Control application deployment and management system


Kelvin provides everything
you need to achieve the
next generation control

  • Easy Streaming Data Integration Icon

    Easy Streaming Data Integration

    Simple tools for connecting heterogeneous data streams into the platform

  • Flexible API Layer Icon

    Flexible API Layer

    Platform API enables easy data import /export and application management

  • Refine and Enrich Icon

    Refine and Enrich

    Deliver high quality information by refining and enriching data as it streams

  • Virtual Operating Model Designer Icon

    Virtual Operating Model Designer

    Simplify control application development by creating a unified data model

  • Kelvin Studio Icon

    Kelvin Studio

    Bridge from information to action in the real world

  • Event Detector Icon

    Event Detector

    Discover the events and anomalies in your streaming data to power control decisions

  • Model Pipeline Icon

    Model Pipeline

    Fast and flexible training pipelines to keep your applications running

Kelvin Software Architecture

The AI software platform for building and managing control applications

Problem solving applications

Turn algorithms and workflows into control applications

Software development environment

Model training Pipeline, Kelvin SDK, testing and Simulation tools

Data management

Time series DB, RDBMS, Data Labelling, Data Enrichment and Standardization

Data connectors

Software Integration layer that enables information Exchange between heterogeneous data sources and machines

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