AI Control Application Platform

Transform Insights into Actions

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Control Applications Transform
Insights Into Actions


Opportunities to improve control outside of current capabilities


Detection of control improvement events in streaming data


Closed loop control response to improve process

Why Use Kelvin

Next Generation Control
Made Easy


Integrate legacy system infrastructure with new data and insights through a powerful software connection layer


Easily convert your workflows and tasks into control applications that maximize operating efficiency and team performance


Monitor, manage and update control applications that take action and drive value for your business

  • Domain Expertise

  • System Information
  • New Data & Insights
Connect Intelligence Learning Kelvin
  • Better
  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Control Decisions

What It Is

Artificial Intelligence for Process Control

Connect 100s

Connect 100s of machines across your existing system

Create 1,000s

Create 1,000s of custom applications using a library of unique components

Manage Millions

Manage millions of control decisions everyday across your business

Case Studies

British Petroleum Quote Logo

In six months we went from concept to proven. It works on every type of well.
- Brian Pugh, head of BP’s Lower 48 operations

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We view the relationship with Kelvin as another step toward bringing industry-leading intelligence to the market.
- Michael Segura, Vice President of Production Enhancement at Halliburton

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Kelvin Intelligent Control Software enabled easy system optimization, application deployment and ongoing model management while delivering productivity gains.
- Glenn Lydyard Technology Operations (Digital)

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Using Kelvin, our development teams can transform their ideas into production-ready algorithms faster than ever before.
- Helenio Gilabert, Senior Director, Digital Transformation Edge Solutions at Schneider

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In a short amount of time we were able to prove the concept that operators and 'smart' software can work together to build reports and track key data, a bit step forward to our vision of reporting by exception only.
- Vittorio Spoldi, P. Eng, Well Performance Engineer, Shell

We empower people to take their best ideas into actions. Kelvin makes it easy to go from prototype into production so you can experience the next generation of control.

Peter Harding, Founder & CEO Kelvin Inc.