Build and operate the next generation of control applications

Automate institutional best practices by transforming engineering workflows into dynamic control apps that improve over time

Automate your institutional best practices at scale

Key capabilities:
  • Enable autonomous or manual actions with recommendations to augment existing workflows
  • Interactive dashboard for high frequency time series insights from sensors, metrics, control actions, and more
  • Capture user and app actions as well as outcomes; attach comments to learn and evolve best practices
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Manage applications to meet operational demands

Key capabilities:
  • Effortless deployment of apps, app configuration and connecting data flows, in a user-friendly UI
  • Adjust application parameters per asset or in bulk via a user-friendly UI
  • Easy scaling of apps across the enterprise by simply tweaking lists in a UI
  • Deploy apps at any level: individual assets, processes, sites, and beyond

Contextualized data for intelligent applications

Key capabilities:
  • Flexible graph based approach for modeling assets, applications, and users with custom properties and templates
  • Simple UI and APIs to manage asset data flows and their mapping with applications
  • Import enterprise asset hierarchy through .CSV files, programmatically, to stay in sync with enterprise systems

Develop and deploy smart control applications with a rich set of dev tools

Key capabilities:

  • Turn ML models, rules, physics based models or any logic into smart Control apps with a few lines of code
  • Utilize Time Series data and metrics to craft custom KPIs and application data pipelines using and intuitive UI, SDK or APIs
  • Manage application lifecycle from existing developer IDEs and CI/CD tools

Modern & flexible Control Infrastructure

Key capabilities:
  • Safeguard existing setpoint control configurations with real-time guardrails and full audit trail
  • Automate setpoint changes through applications, whether at Edge or Cloud
  • Enable safe, secure manual setpoint changes by end users, complemented with full audit trail
  • Out-of-the-box OT connectors to ingest data, ensure safety configuration and make control changes

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Simplified, Secure Edge Orchestration

Key capabilities:
  • Kubernetes cluster architecture for consistent app management, whether at Edge or Cloud
  • Zero-trust based security for the platform and user applications, at Edge and on Cloud
  • Reliable Edge-to-Cloud sync to ensure no data loss in cases of inconsistent Edge connectivity
  • Scale clusters and applications by simply adding more nodes to a cluster, at Edge or on Cloud
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Oil & Gas | Energy

Increase the control capabilities of your field operations with artificial intelligence from Kelvin, while lowering emissions and improving production.

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Connect data at the edge with cloud deployment efforts. Leverage AI that improves closed-loop control decisions and delivers superior outcomes.

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Empower your engineers and operators with collaborative control software. Experience end-to-end transparency across industrial processes.

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Gain greater control, safety, and security of all your locations, no matter how remote. Share a collaborative view across your mining operations.

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