Kelvin solutions

Transform production engineering 

Move beyond legacy systems with AI-powered automation that drives production and profit.

Find, fix, and prevent carbon emissions with collaborative control software and automation

Optimize operations

Find it Kelvin Maps™ Visualize, simulate, and collaborate to locate and cut carbon emissions.

Fix it Kelvin Copilots™ Improve the processes of your best engineers and reduce emissions.

Kelvin icons_Objectives
Evolving Business Objectives | Profitability and Carbon Reduction
Kelvin icons_Turnover
Workforce Turnover | Losing Expertise
Kelvin icons_Together
IT & OT Interoperability | Silos Prevent Efficiency
Kelvin icons_Compliance
Regulatory Compliance | ESG Mandates and Reporting
Kelvin icons_Disconnect
Asset, Process, People and System Disconnects

Integrated suite of collaborative control software


Find carbon and other issues,
and fix them

Visualize, simulate, and collaborate to reduce

emissions and remove bottlenecks.


Focus on what
matters most

See what's possible.
Empower your engineers to do more.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Your best engineer on their best day


Deliver critical information to your key players when and where they need it most.

Kelvin icons_Process engineer
Process Engineer
  • Leverage AI to design industrial processes and machinery
  • Control and optimize the complete industrial process
  • Monitor equipment and testing and save time and money
Kelvin icons_Production engineer
Production Engineer
  • Capture the sophistication and nuance of your most experienced engineers
  • Codify best practices to help engineers achieve their daily goals
  • Automate manual tasks and eliminate redundant tasks
Kelvin icons_Data engineer
Data Engineer
  • Convert raw data into usable information
  • Leverage AI to make data more accessible
  • Build data pipelines to bring disparate systems together
Kelvin icons_Control engineer
Control Engineer
  • Design and analyze control systems with ease
  • Verify health and availability of all systems
  • Improve maintenance operations with data analytics
Kelvin icons_Equipment operators
Equipment Operators
  • Give operators the knowledge to solve functional problems
  • Provide a common understanding of processes
  • Save resources and increase safety with automation
Kelvin icons_Plant manager
Plant Manager
  • Easily calculate key performance metrics
  • Capture knowledge to run industrial control systems smoothly
  • Automate key processes to meet production goals

The Kelvin ecosystem

Leverage industry-focused
pre-built models

Solve real business problems.

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