Kelvin & AWS: Empowering Engineers with Insight and Control

Manage. Optimize. Accelerate. 


Kelvin and AWS are empowering organizations to accelerate their digital journey towards efficiency and a sustainable future. Kelvin solutions, with AWS cloud services, enable engineers, managers and industrial leaders to meet their organizational operational and sustainability goals and save costs.

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Turning Insights into Operational Actions 

Kelvin is the leading collaborative control software company focused on empowering Engineers to find and fix operational issues through our software solutions. Kelvin empowers industrial operations with actionable insights that accelerate time to value using artificial intelligence and cloud technology. 

Kelvin Maps™ offers tight integration with Kelvin Copilots™, enabling custom AI and optimization models that analyze inefficiencies across the entire production process - and offer closed-loop control capability for true automation.  

Kelvin Collaborative Control Software

 Kelvin Maps & Kelvin CoPilots 


Monitor and predict equipment health with best- in-class industry-failure-mode library and preconfigured sensor-driven indicators


Streamline production processes through a combination of ML-driven insights, and flexible configuration


Lead your operations towards intelligent automation through closed-loop control

Find it, Fix it, Faster!

By breaking down the silos across systems and teams, Kelvin empowers engineers with the right information at the right time, creating a single source of truth across their systems, processes and operations.

  • Connect vital data and information to better understand how production facilities and processes are working

  • Provide teams with complete visibility in a unified view of their entire operations in real time

  • Seamlessly identify bottlenecks and equipment failures, prevent errors, and provide vital information to take action and improve operations by simulating production scenarios

  • Optimize profitability, efficiency, and reduce emissions during changing conditions
  • Control applications that lead to better operational outcomes
  • Automate process control changes to meet sustainability goals


Improved Yield / Output


Increased Efficiency / Reduced Cost of Operations


Reduce Energy
Consumption by 40%


Optimized Productivity

Explore the works of Kelvin with leading industrial companies 


Tailored applications
that improved system optimization generating
14x ROI

One of the world's largest independent oil and natural gas exploration companies needed systematic optimization of the field to help empower their engineers to focus on higher-value issues.  

Kelvin, deployed on ∼800 plunger-lift wells, delivered tailored applications that improved system optimization, and generated 14x ROI



Delivered speed to
value with full-field implementation in less
than 12 months

Multinational Energy Giant was challenged with inefficiencies across its operations. They needed to maintain a complicated network of thousands of plunger-lift gas wells. 

With Kelvin, the energy giant was able to develop a robust, automated solution that went from initial pilot projects to full-field implementation in less than 12 months, maximizing well uptime and proven efficiencies.


Delivered enhanced digital operations and remote connectivity optimization turning back-office logistics from a 24/7 to an 8-5 job that provided a 40% reduction in crew operating cost

An American multinational corporation, responsible for most of the world's hydraulic fracturing, struggled with disparate data sources and with stymied operations, and needed to simplify tools and processes.

Kelvin delivered consistent workflow and service quality improvement by streamlining operational processes and optimizing operations.

Kelvin + AWS working together

Kelvin collaborative control solutions deliver speed to value for our customers by adding the power and security of the AWS Cloud Platform to empower our customers with a complete, off-the-shelf, industrial cloud-to-edge technology. 

While some companies may have the resources and expertise to build their operations optimization platform from scratch using the AWS services toolbox, Kelvin's customers appreciate being able to start with a complete solution stack that delivers immediate ROI.

Through Kelvin's real-time adapter to AWS IoT SiteWise, customers can easily connect Kelvin's edge data ingestion and control layer to back-end AWS infrastructure, Data Lakes, and Business Intelligence tools as needed.

By implementing Kelvin’s turnkey edge-to-cloud solution, built-in and integrated into the AWS Cloud Platform, customers get the best of both worlds: fast results, with the ability to scale to the enterprise, and integrated into corporate digital transformation initiatives.

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