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Kelvin Inc. was founded in 2013 by a team of Data Scientists, Software Developers, Domain Experts and Automation Engineers to deliver the next generation of control.

We are inspired by Lord Kelvin, who believe that “To measure is to know.” Lord Kelvin focussed on measuring temperature, color, acoustic signals to know the world around him. We apply Lord Kelvin’s approach today through the use of data streams from existing infrastructure combined with IOT and AI to measure events and changes in the physical world.

We empower our users to take their knowledge of those events and derive insights around how things can be improved. We make it easy to transform your insights into actions.

Kelvin is backed by the leading Industrial and Energy Technology investors:

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Board Members

Daniel Rice Headshot

Daniel Rice
Partner at Rice Investment Group

George Coyle Headshot

George Coyle
Managing Partner at Energy Innovation Capital

Nick Stone Headshot

Nick Stone
Partner at FS Investors

Peter Harding Headshot

Peter Harding
Founder & CEO Kelvin Inc.

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